Top 25 college newspapers on Twitter – July 2011

June has come to an end, and with that summer is half over already. I have been really excited to see how newspapers would do over the summer. Being in a college town this summer, I’ve watched most of the student population disappear and wondered how many would remain connected to their campus newspaper. So far, the papers I track haven’t lost had a net loss of followers. In fact, almost all of them continue gaining followers, although some at a smaller pace. Hopefully student papers are already trying to attract incoming freshman and hanging on to the year’s graduates. Continue reading

Top 25 college newspapers on Twitter – June 2011

Summer has settled in, and the numbers show it. Many newspapers had slower growth, with only one newspaper gaining more than 500 followers this last month. The Top 25 didn’t see a whole lot of change either. The addition of Onward State, who I wasn’t previously tracking, was the biggest change. I’m interested to see if papers start introducing the Twitter follow button to their sites and what differences it makes. If you’ve got ideas about how paper’s should use the follow button, leave a comment below. The Top 25 The only new addition to the Top 25 this month Continue reading

Top 25 college newspapers on Twitter – May 2011

The school year is winding down for most colleges, but the Twitter accounts seem to be keeping pace. Several schools made huge gains in the last month, and others just chugged right along. I’ll continue updating this list throughout the summer, and I’m really interested to see what happens to numbers as students turn into alumni and new students start trickling onto campuses. Check out the list on Twitter and let me know if I’m missing a school. The numbers are getting more impressive each month. The top five gainers continued to add more than 500 new followers. With school Continue reading

Top 25 college newspapers on Twitter – April 2011

Twitter followings for college newspapers continues to grow, and at rapid rates for some papers. Several are gaining 400+ followers each month I have tracked these. I’m really surprised by the shifts on the Top 25 list this month. Four papers got bumped and four new ones took their place. I’m sure I’m missing many great college newspapers out there. Check the numbers below or my list on Twitter and let me know if I’m missing a paper. I’ll gladly at it to the list and include it in next month’s numbers. The Top 25 The Top 25 is quickly Continue reading

When tragedy strikes social media can hurt or help

Quite often on this blog I have preached the benefits of social media. However, there are sometimes that it can actually hurt a news situation when it isn’t managed correctly. The hostage situation at the high school in  Marinette, Wis. this week is a prime example of the dangers of unmanaged social media. A student, with multiple weapons, took a classroom hostage and held them for about six hours Monday evening. Rumors shared on social media were reaching people long before actual facts were. These rumors included people being shot and that there was multiple casualties. Neither were true. In Continue reading

Did news media use social media enough on election night?

Last week I posted a video of Iowa State students describing how they followed Election 2010.  I was surprised by the fairly even mix of people saying they used new media vs. traditional media to follow the results. This left me thinking. Did the news media use social media enough? Were fewer people following online because they just didn’t think there would be reliable results? I turned to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism to find some analysis, which worked with Crimson Hexagon to analyze what was being said on Twitter