Adapting to the changes in technology

Just during my lifetime I have witnessed a fundamental shift in the way people use technology. When I was little, my family owned one computer. My dad used it to type letters and write checks. I used it to play Reader Rabbit. Fast forward 15 years and my family of four owns four desktop computers, three laptops and enough spare parts to probably build a few more desktop computers. With each passing year, I find myself more and more attached to technology. So, what does all this new technology mean for the media? Media have to look at how teens Continue reading

Customer service in a digital age

A recent encounter with US Cellular customer service got me thinking about the future of customer service. When you call tech support a recorded message says it will be easier to troubleshoot issues with your phone if you are calling from a different phone or a landline. That recorded message is where I had a dilemma. As a college student, my cell phone is my only phone (and often my main form of communication). How am I supposed to call from another phone if I don’t have one? So, what is the answer? How can customer service evolve to best Continue reading