Did news media use social media enough on election night?

Last week I posted a video of Iowa State students describing how they followed Election 2010.  I was surprised by the fairly even mix of people saying they used new media vs. traditional media to follow the results. This left me thinking. Did the news media use social media enough? Were fewer people following online because they just didn’t think there would be reliable results? I turned to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism to find some analysis, which worked with Crimson Hexagon to analyze what was being said on Twitter

Are students turned off by TV news?

I witnessed something really interesting while waiting to meet a group outside Iowa State’s Curtiss Hall today. A pair of students were trying to shoot video interviews on Central Campus, but no one would talk to them. While I sat on the steps rehearsing lines for a scene from Waiting for Godot, I watched student after student blurt out an excuse and scurry off. After about 15 minutes they did succeed in getting one interview recorded, but it didn’t look like it lasted long. The reporters were looking to talk about last week’s midterm elections — a topic I found Continue reading

How did Iowa State students follow election 2010?

After my second election as a journalist I was curious how students followed the 2010 midterm election. Two classmates and I went out to Iowa State’s Central Campus to ask students and produced a video with their answers.

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Newspaper usage at Iowa State

A recent article by Bill Krueger published by the Poynter Institute suggested that college students are more likely to read the print edition of their school’s newspaper. I went out on campus and found people reading the Iowa State Daily to see if they also preferred the print edition.