Capturing young adults on Facebook

It’s no secret that college students use Facebook. The students currently in college today are considered digital natives. Businesses, towns, sport teams and news organizations are all capturing the growth of Facebook with fan pages. However, are news organizations capturing Facebook’s largest demographic? To explore this situation, it’s important to first look at how college media outlets are engaging their students on Facebook. These outlets not only train future journalists, they also train the future wave of journalism consumers. Wednesday Chris Snider, a former digital journalist and now journalism instructor at Drake University, released a blog post compiling data from Continue reading

Newspaper usage at Iowa State

A recent article by Bill Krueger published by the Poynter Institute suggested that college students are more likely to read the print edition of their school’s newspaper. I went out on campus and found people reading the Iowa State Daily to see if they also preferred the print edition.

Awakening to a new set of possibilities

I’ve recently reached a crossroads in my life. I started my journalism education with the intention of working in print for the rest of my life. Fast forward two years and so much has changed. Let me preface this post by saying I am still very much in love with print. I still read a newspaper daily, but I am no longer sure that working on the print side of a news organization is in my future. In the last year I have fallen in love with the innovation and the possibilities that the internet presents us as journalists. We Continue reading

An Introduction

I finally did it. I made the decision to start a blog. While I am unsure of what direction to go in, I think the best place to start is with an introduction, so here it goes. I’m Brian Smith and I am currently a sophomore at Iowa State University and in the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication. I work for the Iowa State Daily, the independent student newspaper of Iowa State, as a design chief and copy editor. My passion is design, but I’m learning to enjoy the copy editing. I found my way to journalism in middle Continue reading