Customer service a tweet away

Tired of listening to cheesy hold music for hours? With more people using Twitter, customer service departments have started following suit. In my previous blog post, I discussed how building an online community around your brand also has customer service benefits, but what if your only goal is to provide customer service via Twitter? Providing customer service via Twitter is a complicated task, but it centers around your responsiveness to your customers. Searching for and promoting your brand on twitter are essential. Your customers need to know you are on Twitter. The second key is responsiveness. If people are tweeting frustration Continue reading

Building a community

As I discussed in my previous post, I believe companies have been using Twitter in one of three ways: as a PR/Marketing machine, as a customer service platform or to engage their customers and form an online community. While the focus is a little different, each does have a customer services impact. It is the latter of the three that I will be discussing today. The community approach encourages more than just communication from the company to its customers. It encourages customers to communicate with each other. It does more than draw attention to the company. It portrays the company Continue reading

Is Twitter the answer?

In my last post, I questioned the future of customer service and asked if Twitter was the answer. Here are my initial thoughts on Twitter’s role. I’ve  looked around Twitter for various businesses and looked at how they utilized their Twitter accounts. I also put out a call for assistance and tweeted: @smithbm12: Anyone have experience with customer service via twitter? I wanna blog about it, but need some more facts. #customerservice #cs I heard back from Barry Dalton (@bsdalton) about a positive experience he had with @LinkedIn. Derek Homann (@dhomann) also chimed in with some assistance. This prompted me to start Continue reading

Customer service in a digital age

A recent encounter with US Cellular customer service got me thinking about the future of customer service. When you call tech support a recorded message says it will be easier to troubleshoot issues with your phone if you are calling from a different phone or a landline. That recorded message is where I had a dilemma. As a college student, my cell phone is my only phone (and often my main form of communication). How am I supposed to call from another phone if I don’t have one? So, what is the answer? How can customer service evolve to best Continue reading