Top 25 college newspapers on Twitter – June 2011

Summer has settled in, and the numbers show it. Many newspapers had slower growth, with only one newspaper gaining more than 500 followers this last month. The Top 25 didn’t see a whole lot of change either. The addition of Onward State, who I wasn’t previously tracking, was the biggest change. I’m interested to see if papers start introducing the Twitter follow button to their sites and what differences it makes. If you’ve got ideas about how paper’s should use the follow button, leave a comment below. The Top 25 The only new addition to the Top 25 this month Continue reading

Top 25 college newspapers on Twitter – May 2011

The school year is winding down for most colleges, but the Twitter accounts seem to be keeping pace. Several schools made huge gains in the last month, and others just chugged right along. I’ll continue updating this list throughout the summer, and I’m really interested to see what happens to numbers as students turn into alumni and new students start trickling onto campuses. Check out the list on Twitter and let me know if I’m missing a school. The numbers are getting more impressive each month. The top five gainers continued to add more than 500 new followers. With school Continue reading

Top 25 college newspapers on Twitter – April 2011

Twitter followings for college newspapers continues to grow, and at rapid rates for some papers. Several are gaining 400+ followers each month I have tracked these. I’m really surprised by the shifts on the Top 25 list this month. Four papers got bumped and four new ones took their place. I’m sure I’m missing many great college newspapers out there. Check the numbers below or my list on Twitter and let me know if I’m missing a paper. I’ll gladly at it to the list and include it in next month’s numbers. The Top 25 The Top 25 is quickly Continue reading

Top 25 college newspapers on Twitter – March 2011

Last month I started taking a closer look at other college newspapers on Twitter. I was really surprised by what I found and was amazed at how many have large followings, many of which are larger than the paper’s following on Facebook. I will update this list on the first Wednesday of each month. A few of the newspapers on the list don’t appear to be actively maintaining their Twitter accounts, so I likely will drop them off the list next month. I’m sure there are many more out there that I am missing. If you know of a college Continue reading

Top 25 college newspapers on Twitter

For the last couple of months Drake University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Chris Snider has been tracking the Top 25 college newspapers on Facebook. As an online editor for a college newspaper, I really value the data he has collected and seeing how our Facebook page compares to other schools. But, it left me wondering how our Twitter account stacked up. I found a couple of Twitter lists online with college newspapers and begin compiling the data. I was really surprised to see some college newspapers with more than 5,000 followers — especially considering only two of the Continue reading

Capturing young adults on Facebook

It’s no secret that college students use Facebook. The students currently in college today are considered digital natives. Businesses, towns, sport teams and news organizations are all capturing the growth of Facebook with fan pages. However, are news organizations capturing Facebook’s largest demographic? To explore this situation, it’s important to first look at how college media outlets are engaging their students on Facebook. These outlets not only train future journalists, they also train the future wave of journalism consumers. Wednesday Chris Snider, a former digital journalist and now journalism instructor at Drake University, released a blog post compiling data from Continue reading