When a breaking news editor writes a weather story

Breaking news editors have to make lots of quick decisions about how to use reporting resources. Sometimes that means you send your reporter to a crime scene and get stuck writing the weather story yourself.

I’ve been working the Sunday morning breaking news editor shift since May. I’m usually supervising one reporter and a photographer.

Iowa had a very unusual summer, and actually set records for low temperatures in July. While it’s certainly an interesting situation, it wasn’t urgent enough to pull my reporter off her other stories. I contemplated pushing it further into the afternoon in hopes that when the night reporter came in he would be able to tackle it.

I decided that it was interesting enough to readers that I needed it online sooner than that and decided to write it myself. I got it posted online in the early afternoon, and we ended up using it in print the next day. I found out that the Cedar Rapids Gazette also used it in its print edition.

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